trash castles EP


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released June 18, 2010

pepepiano - 2010




PEPEPIANO New York, New York

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Track Name: fire hands
fire hands, you had the right plan
to tour my underwater land

now you want love, shocked when you found it out

strap on your rough glove
you'll find that you like it rough

(rough housing)

i used to sit on the water's edge, throwing pine cones at the sky
you used to sing on the underground, circa 1996, or so you've been telling me...
Track Name: whisper, yer conch shells
I was a criminal with black hair and a brahman looking out for me.

You were a fishy gal, with a rough net testing your love out with me.

You pulled me in, your basket arms seemed new, or something rather sci-fi.

Your drinking games were hard, with no handicaps you put me right to sleep.

And the old folks whisper in their conch shells and wait for the golden mean.

they tell their daughters to not let their hopes wash away in the sea.
Track Name: perfect lives
false fact: you were stronger when you fought back.
- when you said it was a long way to go, you were right on the nose of an awful lie.

"To offer a lecture, particularly a brief lecture on the perfect life might be to mislead an audience into believing that, "we were young at this machine." .. or as being able to supply the last word on the most intriguing of questions, namely; how should I live my life?"

I found the right one, she cuts her finger nails right,
Living perfect lives is diving in the sea a thousand times.
Track Name: and i washed my wit in the atlantic
now take one step back you're sniffling
can't catch a cold in this weather cuz i'll swell up like a manatee

i hate seasons for obvious reasons,
i've got a rash on my back that's as old as ted stevens...

best believe it, cuz you might never see it.
i only wear my birthday suit when i'm in atlantic city.
sitting pretty, sitting at the slot machines.

where i wash my wit in the atlantic in the fall

the old folks are drunk again smitten in bliss
all things to heaven, lobsters too
boiled to death at the steak house
and aint I never told ya to eat a filet at the place
make ya sick for days had then spit and shits be fine ever since
but aint worth it, never spent